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Chameleon nulled: is it worth it?

Fri Jul 10, 2015 6:10 pm

Chameleon nulled is a nulled version of Chameleon Script, which is a famous social networking and dating software solution developed by Websplosion LTD. Nulled basically means cracked. If you google for "Chameleon nulled" you will find a lot of results. But is it ok to use? You decide. Here are some facts:

1) It is always a very old and corrupted version. Time does not stand still, neither do we at Websplosion, creating a new version every 14 days. No one will like your website built on Chameleon nulled. It will be obsolete even before you start! Most versions go back as far as to 2009.

2) It is always full of bugs. When they null the script the hackers introduce their own problems, errors, and bugs. And you will have to live with them.

3) No support at all, no updates, no free installation. If any bug is found you need to fight it alone. For us it would be a matter of minutes to correct the problem. And for you if you are not a programmer it can be a nightmare.

4) No new templates. We make new templates almost every 2 months. You will not be able to have them.

5) Any nulled Chameleon site can be switched off at any moment by us. All developers have some very hidden ways of influencing their creatures. We can switch your site off at the very moment when it becomes to bring income.

6) No apps. PHP can be nulled but where will you get an app for the site?

So you can clearly see that maybe it is not worth it at all and the small price we sell the script for is really small and you can afford it to avoid all these problems which using Chameleon nulled implies.

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Re: Chameleon nulled: is it worth it?

Sun Jul 19, 2015 9:32 am

Appreciate this heads up. I think this clears up most of the confusions. Best wishes!

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