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Browse all users in Urban Theme

Thu Jul 30, 2015 4:45 am

Is there a way for me to add a browse all users section onto the Urban theme like on the other themes?

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Re: Browse all users in Urban Theme

Mon Oct 05, 2015 7:53 am

This is what I am also thinking since I purchased the software, there should be an option for desktop and mobile users to search all users from all countries. Please developers think about this feature is very important for a dating site.
Also try to improve your countries/ cities drop-down fields. That would be great if you you can make it editable the drop-down fields.
For example if a user waits to search in Kuwait country he can just type Ku in the countries field and it will fetch the country starts from Ku and for example if a user wants to search United Kingdom then if he/ she types United in the county drop-down field it should fetch all the countries which starts from United such as United States, United Arab Emirates etc..

These two things are very important to have in dating sites, please try to make it possible. As its a pain going through the long list of countries or cities or then towns specially on mobiles its a pain.

Hope the developers of this site will take my suggestions to implement soonest and I will be happy :) and other users as well :)

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